Welcome to BP

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Hello fellow Baseball Phanatics!

We are almost done with the first month of this 2014 baseball season, and there has already been so much excitement and controversy to talk about in these first few weeks that my partner in crime and myself decided we would create this blog to express our views and talk with anyone about the events taking place in baseball.

My name is Sean Reagan, I’m a 19 year old currently attending Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ, and along with my afore mentioned partner in crime/roommate Vincent (The Cap Crusader) Santore, we will be sharing and writing posts about our personal views of the baseball world for anyone that’s interested.

I played baseball from the time I could walk to my high school senior season, that ended with a Georgia AA State Championship for the Lovett School in Atlanta, GA. I would consider myself extremely knowledgeable about baseball rules, instinct, and history, but of course I’m only human and don’t know everything.

My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves, but I’m sure you’ll find in my posts that I will generally unbiased in terms of teams (with exception to the Evil Empire known as the New York Yankees). Rest assured that I’ll try my hardest to be fair and impartial with most topics unless I am expressing my honest opinion.

Here’s hoping for an exciting 2014 season and on behalf of Vincent and myself we are happy to have you along for the ride.

Sean Reagan (@EpicSeananigans)

Vincent Santore (@thecapcrusader)